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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Game Starting Up

After months of no gaming going on here I took the step of starting a Sunday game again. Of course this being my house and having the personalities involved in this game nothing went as planned. The plan was that I would start an Oriental Adventures game (hereafter referred to as OA)with just Mona and Ashli as players and a couple of core NPCs to fill in any perceived holes in our party. We would make characters during the week preceding the game (because making OA characters is more involved than "standard" AD&D 1st edition characters) and jump right into gaming on Sunday. Ashli is always busy with school and had a drill team meet in Connecticut on Saturday, so we did not get her character made pre-game day. Mona and I didn't get around to it either, despite her being out of work this week, because other projects and procrastination took up all our spare time.

So Sunday rolls around and I have a firm 11:00AM start time get blown out of the water by breakfast turning into brunch and the clean up taking way more time than I would have thought it could. I also realized that I was getting sick. A cold I think but a pretty bad one. Anyway, at roughly 2:00PM we finally got everything squared away and started on characters. During this time both of the other kids stated a desire to play. John actually sat down to make a character, Em hovered around kind of interested but reticent to actually do anything more than roll dice for character creation she lost interest in playing. Eventually she made herself helpful by finding a list of Japanese names with their meanings (and the Japanese characters for the names).

Despite having 2 OA books at the table character creation went pretty slow. I was the only one well versed in the extra bits of OA character creation, so I had to help each of them with Family, Ancestry, Birth Rights and Honor. John was also confounded by the monetary system and it's lack of decimalization.

All told we broke the session sometime after 6:00PM with most of character creation completed. John needs to finish buying equipment and Mona needs to start.

I had been hoping as late as Sunday morning to be able to get through character creation and run a small introduction to the setting, but it just was not going to happen yesterday.

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