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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Recap 2018

I am thinking about D&D a bunch while my groups are on hiatus. Lost Atlantis hasn't played since May, that campaign basically got replaced with Ostschild the next month. I do think it's sad that I kind of gave up on the largely online Lost Atlantis campaign when I got a new local group, but these things happen. Both of those groups of people and the games I have run for them have helped me a lot in dealing with Mona's death. I needed people in my life, to try and kick start some bit of normalcy for me again.

Now Ostschild is probably dead. I killed the entire party two weeks in a row. They were killed by bad luck more than anything else, but with the holidays fast approaching, and one of the regular players not being able to show for a few weeks due to work, I talked it over with some of the players and thought about things some, and I am moving on from B/X, back to AD&D. B/X is a nice vacation, and I really like it, but AD&D is home.

This means a likely move back to my “standard” AD&D campaign setting of Garnia, in use off and on since about 1983, if I recall correctly. Technically, Lost Atlantis was also in that same setting, but it was in a newly discovered lost continent I added to the setting, where it will now exist forever.

Anyway, that's, more or less, my year end review for this blog. Nothing catastrophic happened. I started gaming again, first on Roll20, then in person. I still mourn the loss of Mona, but it is getting to where it is less immediate. We start playing in my “new” AD&D campaign on the 8th of January, weather permitting.