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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Great Khan's One Page Dungeon Contest

This year's theme is Vikings. Specifically I am looking for Viking themed stuff I can plug into an existing mega-dungeon as a sub-level or as a stand alone mini-adventure. Feel free to spread the word to your gaming friends and on your own blogs.

I buried the lead when I mention the contest as a possibility the other day, and I got a lukewarm response as a result. I also didn't mention where to send your One Page Dungeons to, so you can email me directly at williamjdowie AT gmail DOT com. I still managed to get one volunteer judge, so I am looking for a couple more and I need some submissions.

Apparently the sweet refrigerator magnets weren't enough to make you leap at the opportunity to show your creative talents, so I have decided to up the ante and throw in some genuine old school swag, I am going to open up my gaming vault and let the top three winners take a pick from my module collection - it's heavy on 1st edition AD&D modules, all are used, there are a few doubles and a couple of "super-modules". I know the complete A, S & D series are there, and the combo versions (G-D-Q, S1-4) and Q1, T1; plus a whole bunch of Mentzer Era D&D modules, mostly Basic and Expert, some higher level. I also have one 3e module, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Some of them are in pretty rough shape, some are in damned good shape for their age and the fact that they were opened up and used at all. Probably the ones that held up the best were the "super-modules", "Queen of the Spiders" and "Lankhmar: City of Adventure" both look pretty good.

So, I'll be accepting submissions starting now and running through October 1st, everyone who enters will still receive a refrigerator magnet (while supplies last, after they come in, provided you send me your postal address); so let's get out there and show all the creative talent the OSR has to offer!