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Monday, September 17, 2012

OK, I am back...

Kind of anyway.

It's been a rough week since my sister died, but I finally got the refrigerator magnets out in the mail today that I had planned to do last Monday and I am writing here again. I don't have a lot to say, but I am trying to move back towards normal in my daily life, and that means getting back to my blog and talking about games. My partner in crime, Darryl Cook, has about finished up a beta version of the "World of Garnia Rules-Lite System" or "WoGRLS", pronounced "Whoa Girls"- it's a working title, but it amuses us; and we're looking for people to playtest it. It is a really rules lite fantasy RPG that is based on a slightly more complex game that he and I designed back in the 90s and never finished. We couldn't get the magic right, he's got it down pretty good now, and he's about ready to release it into the wild, we plan on packaging it with our world book when we put it out there for you all.

I should also mention that I am still running a one page dungeon contest, viking themed, it actually doesn't have to be a dungeon though, so I guess I should call it a one page adventure contest. Also, since I still have a ton of extra magnets, I guess I'll just let everyone have one, whether they participate or not. I was going to do that anyway, I just wanted to give everyone incentive to enter the contest.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the massive outpouring of sympathy. I really appreciate it and so does the rest of my family.

In closing, if you all want a magnet, or want to contact me about WoGRLS, or for any other reason really, my email address is williamjdowie AT gmail DOT com I haven't been on the internet much over the past week, but I'll be getting back up to speed here pretty quick I'd imagine.


  1. Is that - Whoa Girls! or Whoa. Girls! ?

    Welcome back