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Mongol Home

Friday, August 31, 2012

Remember When I Said I Wanted To Get Some Magnets?

I found a place with reasonable prices and ordered some today. Here's what they look like-

Refrigerator Magnet.

Bumper Sticker Magnet.

What do you all think? Who wants one? I was thinking contest. Since this blog is "Powered by OSR", I was thinking of showcasing the talent of the OSR for everyone I play D&D with; so how about a One-Page Dungeon contest? Viking themed, since that's what I am running now, and either stand alone or able to be plugged in as a part of my mega-dungeon as a sub-level. Sound good?

Now, everyone who enters will get the refrigerator magnet, the top 3, chosen by me and whoever else volunteers to be a judge will get the cool bumper sticker magnet.


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  2. want cant draw for shit