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Mongol Home

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Death of a campaign.

Having not played the old campaign in months, we decided to call it. Time of death was yesterday afternoon. The news isn't all bad though because we decided to start a new D&D Cyclopedia campaign and committed to gaming every Sunday. I figured we might as well play through those tons of old school modules sitting in my trove. Characters were made yesterday and we played today. We rolled 3d6 in order and everyone made an alt/protege/henchman/whatever you want to call it. 8 party members went in, 2 returned. Ashli's cleric actually died on the last round of the last combat in the adventure to a failed save vs. poison. A staggering death rate for my adventures, I think maybe I have been coddling them on my home-brewed stuff. They were actually thrilled to make it all the way through an adventure.

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