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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obsidian Portal

This banner totally belongs to Obsidian Portal, but I assume that since I am extolling the virtues of their site, they won't mind me showing you their image.

Obsidian Portal is eating my blogging time as I try to figure out how everything there works and slowly transfer everything from hand written to typed internet stuff. I am enjoying discovering and rediscovering the tools there that I really liked last year when I started putting my Garnia stuff up last year and then pretty much abandoned and forgot the project, so now I have to go back through and check that stuff out as I redesign for rebooting that campaign world too. I spent a little while, by which I mean several hours of my day, yesterday putting up the retired PCs from my current OA campaign in the Against the Black Temple campaign and even linked an item to one of them in the wiki, huzzah for me! I will probably add some more actual NPCs and Lee Ann's dead character Ami to the character's section today too, but I have some other things going on today to take care of and have a little less time.

Here is a link to my current OA campaign.

Here is a link to my on hiatus, rebooting Garnia campaign.

Both of them are really rough now, but they are getting better all the time. Consider them under construction, and I am willing to take advice on what direction to go since I am not really a web design html person.