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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Post Number 450

And there's not much gaming, miniature or even Mongol related to report. My youngest daughter Ember's birthday is this weekend and I have a houseful of teenage girls to deal with as a result. I offered to DM a game special for them, but they didn't take me up on the offer. There was some talk about maybe painting some miniatures today or tomorrow, I guess we'll see. I canceled my regular game this weekend for this weekend long "Em-stravaganza" and now I kind of feel like the odd man out in my own house. My wife fits in with them OK, so do Ashli and John. I don't really relate to teenaged girls though, apparently.

So I am spending my weekend trying to figure out why Darryl's computer won't power up. All of the components work, except with his new motherboard. I've done about everything I possibly can to figure this one out, and I am about to say it must be the motherboard, but the same thing is happening with his other system too. All of those components work, new motherboard, won't power up. I feel like it is staggeringly unlikely that both of his new motherboards are DOA, they are from different manufacturers, picked for different systems with different needs. I think it is more likely that there is something I am missing, despite having done this numerous times before and having followed all of the directions, then looked up numerous diagnostic approaches. Although when I put it out there like that it seems like I am kind of reaching for a reason why I am doing something wrong just because I am not a computer repair professional.

Lastly, if anyone reading this has any cartographic skills or is an artist and wants to help out with my "Yassa: Legacy of the Khans" project, email me at williamjdowie AT gmail DOT com I'd really appreciate the help and my regular cartographer is swamped and I'd like to give my wife a break from doing all of the art.