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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another Taste

Here's another little taste of my new campaign setting, also from the gazetteer, the city that was supposed to be the "home base" for the first party that I ran a game for in this world. They actually quickly fled the city to avoid suspicion for the ritual murder that the party's cultist cleric performed shortly after arriving.

Dusk- The port city. 

Dusk is an ancient city, predating the Empire, back to the days of the Great Migration. Now it is in it's decay, having lost it's chief sources of revenue, the Grand Canal, when Hilltown sunk. Dusk is ruled by it's Lord Mayor and his council of Aldermen; they, in turn, are greatly influenced by the Knight Commander of the Imperial garrison, and the criminal organizations “The Family” and the League of Gentlemen Rogues.

Sites of interest in Dusk include the Theological Seminary of Dusk, located just to the west of the city proper; the Imperial garrison at Fort Dusk, located on the north of the city, just to the west side of the harbor overlooking the harbor mouth; and, during the summer months, both the Market of Dusk, which is run every week on Thursdays, and the Dusk Hippodrome, where, against all odds and reason, the Empire still hosts weekly chariot races, and one week long festival of chariot races to end the season each year.

Lesser known sites include the semi-legendary Undercity Tunnels, which may predate the building of the city itself, where dark things are said to lurk, guarding vast riches for those foolhardy souls that are willing to try and take them; and the Raider's Market, held on private land belonging to “The Family” just to the west of the Theological Seminary of Dusk, where more illicit or unsavory goods are bought and sold.

Details- Dusk has a permanent population of, roughly, 6500 souls. It's chief trades are fishing, it's markets (both official and unofficial) and it's many taverns and brothels serving the transient community of merchant sailors, traders and Imperial soldiers.

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