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Mongol Home

Thursday, January 4, 2024

2023 retrospective & 2024 plans

On the last day of 2022 I got married. In February 2023 I was invested as Baron of Delftwood, an SCA thing. Over the course of 2023 I ran D&D (OSE) fairly frequently until the summer SCA season hit, then it dropped off to pretty much nothing, and never really restarted for the rest of the year. Home renovations, illnesses (I ended up getting Covid twice), minor injuries that seem to take forever to heal now that I am middle aged, then holiday plans. I put my campaign on official hiatus I think in October, with two separate plans for the future. An AD&D OA game I am calling the "Swords of the Daimyo" campaign (because I am using the "Against the Black Temple" set up and hexcrawl to get us started) and my "OD&D 1974" game, where I intend to run a "pure" White Box OD&D game (initially), adding house rules and bits from supplements and/or fanzines as they reach 50 years of age. Neither of those two games has started yet, due to the previously mentioned list of delays and woes. I am really hoping to start both before the end of January though.

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