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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A wee blog post tonight

I am a little short of time to blog for the next week, because the kids are home from school for the week.

A bit of Garnia campaign recap: We have not played. Poor weather has canceled us now for several weeks in a row. That's the breaks when you live in Oswego county and it's winter. I have also consistently missed every SCA event I had planned in the same time period, it's as though the weather saves it's worst for the weekends.

Found items trove: Ashli found a tote stored in the shed out back that contained a veritable treasure trove of missing games. Avalon Hill's "Monsters Ravage America", "Blitzkrieg" and "Caesar's Legions"; Games Workshop's "Talisman" with a variety of it's supplements including the Dungeon and "Warrior Knights"; and good old TSR's "Great Khan Game" as well as the first "Star Wars Monopoly" from Parker Brothers. That tote should never have been stored outside of the house, and she didn't find the leather for strapping her new armor, but I am very pleased to see those games return. Now I just need to find the hiding place of all of my "Twilight 2000" and WEG "Star Wars" RPG stuff and I think I won't be missing anything anymore.

I have also been ruminating on a new house rule for my AD&D campaign: Variable damage based on class. I am thinking of dividing damage so a M-U does 1d4, 1d6 with two handed weapons, Thieves do 1d6/1d8, Clerics 1d8/1d10 and Fighters get 1d10/1d12. Strength bonuses naturally would still apply. Sub-classes use the damage dice of their parent class. It goes towards making Fighters the best fighters in the game. Going along with this rule is a two-weapon fighting rule. Fighting with two weapons you only roll one to hit, if you hit you roll your damage die twice and take the higher result. I have also considered a critical hit rule where if you roll a natural 20 and you need less than a 20 to hit then you move up a damage die type. I don't know if any of these rules are original as I read a lot of old school blogs. My thought here was to encourage diversity in weapon use, eliminate gamist weapon restrictions and to have a simple system.

I am also thinking through a way to eliminate armor and shield use restrictions, but I need to think on it some more before I debut it on the blog.