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Mongol Home

Friday, August 5, 2011

Alright I'm Back.

I opted for repair rather than outright replacement*, but it still seems a little sketchy as to how well it intends to work. I spent most of yesterday with it insisting that either my system memory had changed, not booting at all, not booting and giving me a beep code I didn't recognize or hanging at the bios screen; so right now I am pretty happy just to have it up and running. I will eventually finish writing the now nearly month old report on the SCA Mêlée event I went to, and that'll probably finish my lengthy series on Shields, Helmets and Mêlée tactics and D&D.

*Not just because it was the cheaper option, but because there are new technologies that have either just entered the market or are about to enter the market that I'd like to take advantage of, and I hate to get hosed on the price while I essentially beta test new hardware. I have been down that road too many times in the past.