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Friday, July 6, 2012

Eureka Moment!


I woke up in the middle of the night, roughly 3:00AM, and, because I log any dream that wakes me up, I was up for a few minutes typing it's contents into my dream journal, it's a new project I have going. Since I was up, I played a few turns of an online game I have going and checked my email too. I got an email from Darryl asking me what I was doing up at this hour, he's a chronic insomniac, so he just hadn't been to sleep yet and was using Stumble to entertain himself when he saw that I'd played my turns in the game we both are playing. I emailed him back, we chatted via email for like 45 minutes before I decided that it would be easier to just call him and sent him an email saying so.

We talked for something like 2 1/2 hours before he got tired and had to sleep, I was tired too and went back to bed, since I'd only gotten a few hours sleep before my dream woke me up. But while we were talking we had one of those moments of intellectual ferment that caused an epiphany about some aspect of the campaign world that we have worked on together for the last three decades. Since both of us were tired and went to bed without writing it down, neither of us can remember it. I can remember a bunch of the other stuff we talked about about the campaign world, spit-balling ideas back and forth, bouncing them off each other to see what was good to go, and what needed improvement. I remember explaining to him the significance and different connotations of the name of the Japanese empire in the world, and how it came about, what the name meant and how it's different spellings mean different things, it changed over the years from Tenchukuo to Tenchuko.

But the big, important, world shaking idea that made me say, literally "I am definately going to blog about this today.", just before I hung up the phone; it's gone. It might as well have never existed in the first place. After I woke up from my next several hours of sleep, I was like "I have to blog about that.....". When I finally got hold of Darryl again, he had no idea either, we spent some time trying to jog each other's memory's, but to no avail.

I also got these in the mail, meaning I am pretty sure I now have everything ever published for Clan War. I actually already had two of them, but these were, the seller assured in the listing, in "like new" condition. The seller didn't lie.

I paid $9.99 for the four books, I regularly see any of them go for that individually on EBay, so I intend to just resell the 2 I already had at a profit.