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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kind of an odd day today

I woke up this morning at 5:00AM with my left side more or less paralyzed, it kind of freaked me out a little until I realized I wasn't having a stroke, but in fact somehow my left side had managed to "fall asleep". I knew I was OK when my face was fine and it was just my arm, torso and leg that were numbed, needless to say my wife was at first concerned, and then unimpressed and kind of cranky that I woke her up so early. She went back to bed, I shambled around until I got my blood flow and feeling back, by then I was good and awake, so I just made coffee and started the day.

At about 9:00AM my mother called to tell me they had a bunch of Lab Coats in my size at the Dollar store in Oswego. I was skeptical, because my mom usually buys me stuff that doesn't fit me; this has been going on since I was in high school; but I said to go ahead and give it a shot anyway, since it was only a buck. She bought me two, because they came in white and light blue, and I'll be damned if they don't fit. Why the dollar store in Oswego has a supply of giant sized Lab Coats I could not even venture to guess, but now I can use it to infiltrate all manner of places I am not supposed to be :) I actually just periodically put it on and wandered out of my office and told everyone assembled that "I needed some more test subjects".

The weather is changing and I can feel it in my bones and with a sinus headache that you all would not believe. I never take medication for pain, my philosophy is that if I do, then I might build up a tolerance to the medication and it won't work if I really need it. Today I have been taking double normal human doses of Ibuprofen just to keep it at a level I can live with. I guess it didn't help that I had to do a lot of driving around today too, I swear that minivans are designed for the wee folk. There's no head room, especially when entering or exiting the vehicle, and no leg room while driving. Ye Gods, but I miss my old Impala, she was the best of my truly bad-ass cars. I sold her to my brother and he killed her in something like a month. But when she was mine, she was fast and had enough room inside to stretch out, she was a pleasure to drive. She was fast and beautiful and had enough space in the trunk for four full grown men. I'd never be able to afford to drive the poor thing anymore, gas prices being what they are, she had an Oldsmobile 350 rocket (I got the engine out of a '75 Cutlass) with 4 barrel carburetor under the hood. This is what she looked like-

Anyway, I finally got the rest of my order from Warlord Games in the mail today, here are their pictures from the website-

Mona did manage to snap off the standard at the bearer's hand though when she tried to straighten it. We also had to get every available Mastiff, because we have a Mastiff here. Her Name is Harmony, she is quite elderly, nearly 12 years old now.

I also got this package from EBay, which I won mostly just the things I figured would be a bargain because I'd be saving on shipping, the Vikings were the only thing I won that I really wanted, the rest was just cheap and I figured I'd find a use for it eventually.

These are Black Tree Designs "Unarmored Vikings with Swords", perfect for my current B/X D&D game.

These shield transfers are all Templars, 4 packs for smaller shields, 4 for larger. I got them all for $1.00.

These are Old Glory Ancients, obviously, Hoplites advancing, which I do not currently have any real use for, I just figured since they were cheap and I'd be saving on postage anyway.

The stuff I really wanted from this seller went into a bidding war that got too rich for my blood.

I also finished "The Mongoliad- Book One" today. I am torn as to what to read next, but I am thinking it's probably going to be the "Small Business for Dummies" book that I ordered because I want to start a small business, and I figured a "For Dummies" book would tell me in plain terms whether or not it was a viable option. They've never led me astray before, I am a smart guy, but there are topics I don't know anything about, they are a good way to start learning.


  1. Scion xB 2008 or later. Mine is BIG on the inside, almost TARDIS-like. Backseat fits actual adults. Now I know you're bigger than me, but see if you can try one on for size.

    1. I'll look into that. Anything Tardis like is going to be of immense interest to myself and my entire family anyway :)

  2. William,you in a lab coat uelling for test subjects. I think we just won the war without a blow being struck.