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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New Feature for Ostschild Campaign

Once per week, going forward, I am giving the people in my campaign the world and local news in the group I created. Here is week One (Early June 1018 AD) -

News from abroad - The Count of Holland, Dirik III, is in revolt against the Emperor over the right to charge tolls on shipping in the imperial canals that wend their way through his fiefdom. There are hopes for a negotiated peace, but the emperor has charged the Duke of Lorraine with recruiting an army to punish him if he does not submit to imperial will and law. Prince Clovis and his majesty's bastard son Adalbert have declared they will respond to the imperial call to arms with a force of knights and men-at-arms from Ostschild.
An army of Poles under Duke Boleslaw the brave has marched towards Kiev to press his claims over the area, possibly paid for with the huge ransom that King Pepin paid for the release of our crown prince Karloman, who lingers yet in Krakow due to a fever contracted during his time as a prisoner of war.
Closer to home -
Princess Hildegarde is leaving Ostschild for Wallachia for her impending nuptials to their Count Vlad, a large train of wagons and armed men accompany her as her dowry is substantial.
The archbishop of Lenz, Heribert the wise, has ordered the dissolution of the Teutoberg priory due to an unprecedented level of heresy. This is the third cloister thus affected this year.
There has been an outbreak of cholera in the vicinity of Vecht.
Rumors -
Man sized rats have been spotted in the night in Lenz.
Great wealth is being plundered from heretofore unknown caverns beneath an old heathen temple to the east of Lenz.
The Knights of the Lance are said to be petitioning the crown to build a new preceptory fortress in the mountains north of Lenz.
Heathen Northmen are moving in force near Isar, such a host has not been seen in the better part of a century, what could have stirred them?

This is another tidbit I gave the group exploring the ancient heathen temple's underground labyrinth-

Also, it should be noted, while you are in town you hear rumors of another expedition to the ruined heathen temple, apparently others are encouraged by your party's success.

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