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Mongol Home

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Been Sick, Busy too

I have been sick with some late winter/early spring thing that refuses to go away for the last ten days or so. Every time I think it's finally gone it rears it's ugly head for another round of sore throat or ear ache or sinus headache badness.

My kids were home this week from school too, which ate up a lot of my free time doing family stuff, but not too much game wise due to me, and them, not feeling great. We watched a lot of Star Trek, mostly got through the last season of DS9.

I finished the book 1215 The Year of the Magna Carta too, haven't started another yet, or taken any notes on the Expert book. Not feeling good, most of my free time has been watching stuff rather than reading, so I was just pleased to finish the one book. I did watch almost all of the Sharpe's movies though too, so now I have a bit of a Napoleonic war itch that needs scratching.

I was supposed to go play Dawn Patrol today with Darryl and Big Darryl, I was feeling good enough the day before yesterday when I confirmed the plans, but today the weather turned snowy and windy again and I woke up with a pretty bad ear ache; I'd hoped it would subside with time over the morning, but I finally called and cancelled about twenty minutes ago.

So, a week's vacation for the kids and we got nothing done here other than a lot of Star Trek viewing. Oh, and Lance and Audra came out one evening and we played Seven Wonders, Family Business and Naval War. I tied for 2nd place at Seven Wonders, won Family Business (first time playing too!), and was badly defeated at Naval War, which Mona won by a wide margin.