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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mail Call 08 FEB 2012

I got a lot of things in the mail today that I consider useful for my current D&D campaign, or RPGs in general.

I have heard good things about this one from several bloggers, at first I was a little dismissive of it, since I majored in History in college and the European middle ages were my concentration within that major, and my minor was in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, plus I am in the SCA, but it did look like fun.

This I've just had my eye on for a while.

This guy was labeled "Grenadier Wizzards and Warriors Officer of the Townspeople", I figured I couldn't go wrong with that pedigree.

This little fellow is the Dragon from the Grenadier "Tomb of Spells" AD&D set, missing his wings though, so I'll need to figure out how to strip off the old paint and repair him.

This is another Grenadier AD&D mini, the Cleric, I think it was in the specialist box, it's a good thing I knew what most of these miniatures looked like because the EBay pictures for most of the auctions aren't that great. I hope I figure out how to take better pictures with my camera when I get these painted. I think it's interesting that all of the Grenadier "official" AD&D Clerics and Paladins are clearly Christian, it goes back to the whole argument for the assumed Christianity of early D&D.

This is the Werewolf from Grenadier's AD&D "Monsters" large boxed set, I had that once and sold it to my friend Pete when I was a junior in high school. This Werewolf is in better condition than mine ever was though, mine came with some sort of horrible molding defect that had the base broken off and not really repairable. Grenadier miniatures were always a crap-shoot for me, I almost always got something wrong with a boxed set, either broken miniatures or missing parts or just wrong miniatures in the box. The paint job on this guy is actually pretty good, although it could use some touch up and a seal.

The Vampire Lord, clearly modeled on Bela Lugosi's Dracula, despite the centuries of removal from the assumed medieval setting of AD&D.

The Mummy from the same Grenadier set is another one that looks like the movie monster.

This guy is the "Liche with Horn", from the Grenadier AD&D "Monsters" large boxed set, this is the first one I noticed had the name of the monster spelled differently than it was in the Monster Manual and I always wondered why the Lich had a horn instead of being depicted casting a spell. The paint job is clearly going to need to be stripped from this one, the color scheme is awful.

Another from the same "Monsters" set, this one is called "Lesser Orc with Waraxe", which leads me to ask the question- Did TSR have anyone on staff that looked over what Grenadier was doing with their official AD&D license? AD&D has neither "Lesser Orcs" nor "Waraxes". Just saying.

Same set, "Lesser Orc with sword", I'd also like to not that neither these "Lesser" Orcs, nor the other, presumably "Greater" Orcs in the "Orcs Lair" boxed set are Pig-Nosed Orcs, like in the Monster Manual illustration, I never noted that at the time, but I feel it is noteworthy now, as the first "official" line of AD&D miniatures sowed the seeds of not adhering to established descriptions.

Same "Monsters" set from Grenadier, this guy is a "Gobling with sword", that is not a typo, he is not a Goblin, but a Gobling; I can only assume this is some unholy crossbreed of Goblin and Halfling. Either that or the same people that should have been doing quality control from TSR dropped the ball on this too.

This one is the "Gobling with axe", same set.

This is the Ghoul from the same set.

This is the "Armed Wererat" from the same set, all in all, I got half the set for about what I paid for the whole set back when it was new. Ye Gods, I wish I had never sold a single one of my miniatures over the years.

These lads are from the Grenadier "Fantasy Lords" series, I grabbed them as a set because they're pretty cool and look like they'll fit in with my current Cornish 12th century thing.

This one was just labeled "Demure Female", I have no idea who the manufacturer is, but my wife has already started painting her.

I found this by accident when I was bidding on some other stuff the guy had up, I had tried to win this several times in the past and was never successful, this time I figured I'd try and snag it just because I will eventually return to my Oriental Adventures game, more monsters is always a good thing and back converting from 3e to earlier editions is pretty simple.

AC4- The Book of Marvelous Magic, I figured since I am playing a B/X game this could come in handy, I know it's Mentzer era, but they are about 99.9% compatible.

These guys are two Ral Parthas and a Grenadier, they were a good deal and I like old school miniatures.