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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Page Dungeon Contest Winners

Deep into Mongol Month we have finally gotten the results from the last of the judges and I tallied them up today.

Before I announce the winners of my top three prizes though, I'd like to share where I got the cool prizes from - all of the magnets, both refrigerator magnets and bumper sticker magnets I got from . They specialize in banners and signs, but were able to meet my magnet needs easily and I am most pleased with their product, both in price and quality, and the service, which was speedy.

They have a sister site that I can see myself using in the future too.
In case everyone doesn't remember what the magnets look like, here they are again -

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the One Page Dungeon contest, all of the judges agreed that it was really tough to choose a winner and the top three were separated by a single point each.

Third place and a cool bumper sticker style magnet goes to Richard J. LeBlanc Jr. of New Big Dragon Games for "Þrymjahellir" which is available for download at his Save vs. Dragon blog in both one and two page versions.

Second place and another bumper sticker magnet goes to Gustie LaRu of the "Dungeon of Signs" blog for "Hel's Crow's Final Rest", which is available here.

So, the grand prize, the big, bumper sticker magnet and a choice of old TSR modules from my collection goes to Bard Bowman of the Clash of Spear on Shield blog for "The Dødsbakken", available here.

Congratulations to the winners, and I have to say this was great fun. I really look forward to next time.

Now, because it is Mongol Month, I feel I need to at least give you all a bit of trivia, so here you go- The Mongol Empire was the largest land based empire ever seen on the face of the Earth. It encompassed the bulk of Asia and part of Europe. The last ruling direct descendant of Genghis Khan was deposed by the Czars in the mid-18th century, more than five centuries after Genghis Khan died.