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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some More Miniatures

I got my wife involved in painting with me today while the kids were at school and we were both home sick. These are mostly old Grenadiers, but there is a Ral Partha, a couple of new Warlord Minis, and a couple I don't remamber.

The group shot, work by both of us, everything done today plus one guy Mona did a while ago that I don't think I posted a picture of.

Front and back of a Middle Earth Elrond mini that I first painted back in the 2nd edition days, he got some retouching today. He was my super bad-ass single classed Elven Mage back in the day.

A Warlord Mastiff, Mona painted this one. It reminds me of our Mastiff Harmony that died in July.

Another dog from Warlord, this is the small dog that comes with the "Celtic Civilians" pack. Mona painted him too, took her all of about two minutes.

A Grenadier Cleric, another one of Mona's pieces, this one was extensively redone from her earlier paint job that had been damaged over the years.

This Elf I originally painted years ago, but Mona restored and improved upon today, so I don't know who to credit. Maybe she gets an assist? I don't recall the manufacturer of this mini.

Front and back of another old Grenadier Cleric that Mona painted years ago and restored/extensively redid today. We dug a lot of old lead out of storage and were appalled at the state it was in.

This Ral Partha Cleric I painted today, he was my big project for the day.

Mona painted this guy months ago, we named him "Lorenzo" after the lantern bearer in our last D&D campaign. I could not remember if I had shared his picture yet.

Another old Grenadier Female Cleric painted by Mona years ago and fixed up today. We plan to seal these tomorrow and mount them on bases but other than that, they're done.

So, maybe tomorrow I'll get a Mongol mini painted up, I have a few primed and ready to go now, but no real Mongol content for the blog today. I am striking while the iron is hot and getting some minis painted up, who knows when the mood will strike the folk in my house again and Mona will let me take over the kitchen table for days at a time?

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