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Monday, October 1, 2012

October is Mongol Month

I declare it to be so, for no other reason than I need a focus to bring me back to writing regularly and drag me out of my depressed state. I figure it makes a good focus because I haven't already done it, I know a lot about the Mongols and their history, but haven't really applied it to gaming particularly, and it'll drag me back to work, tangentially anyway, on my Oriental Adventures project - at this point I think I should start calling it a magnum opus, but that may be presumptuous. That said, I do refer to myself as "The Great Khan", so I guess we can expect a bit of presumption from me. I digress though.

September was a long, sad month for me. My sister's memorial service is next Saturday at my parent's church and I hope that by saying my public goodbye that I can start putting some of this sadness behind me and get back to some of the productive uses of my free time that I had in the past. I did start designing a new RPG the other day, almost by accident, because I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to wake up my wife. I think it's a pretty good start, but we'll see where it goes; if it amounts to anything good I'll present it here for everyone to check out.

So, I'll try and get back up to at least a couple of posts a week here and this month will be filled with Mongol themed goodness. I'll also have the results of the Viking themed One Page Dungeon contest within a day or two when I hear back from the other judges on their final opinions.

Lastly, does anyone know who manufactures good Mongol/Steppe Warrior miniatures these days? 28mm is preferred, although 25mm is acceptable usually and I'd also prefer a US manufacturer or at least a US distributor to keep shipping costs down.


  1. Hang in there William, you got people pulling for you.

    kevin in MD.

    still want a magnet but can't draw heh.

  2. Kevin- Send me your address, I'll send you a magnet. I still have probably 70 of them left after giving them to all the entrants and judges and my mom and my gaming buddies. You can email me direct at williamjdowie AT gmail DOT com, OK? Mona will probably even draw something cool on the envelope for you :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear how difficult the last month has been. I hope you'll be able to find some closure and that, despite how hard it must be, you'll soon make your way to a happier frame of mind.