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Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Miniatures


My kids, Dalton and I painted these before our D&D game on Sunday. They are mostly old Grenadiers, I think the Viking is Heritage.

Group Shot.

Second Group Shot.

This was Dalton's first ever miniature, I wish I had a better camera or was a better photographer, but neither me nor Mona could get a good shot of her.

This was my 14 year old daughter Ember's first ever miniature. I think it shows real promise and we got a pretty good shot of this one, both front and back.

This was my son John's second mini ever. He has shown a lot of improvement just because he slowed down and didn't try to do too much with it.

This was my first miniature in at least 20 years start to finish. I started a couple earlier this year and lost confidence part way through, this guy I persevered on and finished. I am largely happy with the result, although I liked the back better than the front and none of those pictures turned out good. Not terribly thrilled with the color scheme either, but he's pretty much done.

A Viking dude I painted up just because I am running a Viking campaign. The pictures are blurry, and the black wash didn't pull out as much detail as I was hoping for, but he is an ancient miniature, from like the late 1970's I think, so I guess that'll happen. 

Four shots of the last mini I painted, I was feeling pretty confident by then and dry brushed on brighter metal over the main color, then black washed to get some shadows, but I don't think either mine or Mona's photos really captured the effect. I was pretty happy with the way this guy turned out, despite the fact that I broke most of his tail off when I tried to trim some mold flash off.

These guys just need to be based and they're done. We painted up several more that morning too, but not to completion. When those ones are done, I'll post those pictures too. Hopefully I'll have learned how to use my camera a bit better by then.


  1. Very Awesome! Thanks for sharing those pics. The metallic bull is cool, what kind of creature is that? It seems familiar but I can't place it...

  2. Technically it's the "Iron Bull" from Grenadier's Monster Manuscript series of miniatures, but it sees use in my games as a "Gorgon" from the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual.