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Mongol Home

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Three Days In...

And I haven't got much to show for Mongol month yet. I have some ideas, but getting them down is a little rough right now. I am working on a Steppe Nomad type class for Labyrinth Lord (B/X D&D) and I keep adding too much to it and needing to scale it back. I am a bit of a Mongol fanboy I guess.

Anyway, I have been doing some refresher reading through the Mongol section of my library to keep things fresh for me, and I got this book in the mail from Amazon today-

I kind of like these "Life in the time of" type books, so I am a little surprised I never had one for the Mongols, although I guess they are a bit of a specialist topic.

Anyway, between writers block and fanboyism, I also tried to find some decent mongol type miniatures to paint up for Mongol month, but I keep coming back to The Assault Group and they're a British company and therefore pricier than I really want to go with for wargame quality miniatures, so anyone who can point me elsewhere would be a real help.

Anyone got anything Mongol oriented they'd like to see? Any questions they'd like answered? I am planning on visiting my longtime collaborator Darryl tomorrow and we are the go-to Mongol answer guys. I think we should put together an adventure featuring my, as yet unmade, Steppe Nomad class and post it here for you all to use and enjoy. Maybe as a finale to the Month? That would give us time to come up with something cool. I don't know, I'll ask him what he thinks tomorrow. I am tired and rambling more than usual, so good night everyone!

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