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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mongols Conquer the Month of November!

Seriously though, announcing a new contest part way through the month was probably not the most well thought out idea, so, after consulting my wife, I am extending the contest deadline through the end of November. Now all entries must be received by me no later than midnight on November 30th. This will give everyone time to put their short adventures together and time for me to seek out more sponsors for more prizes!

This also means another month of Mongols! Which is good, because I have had some epic writer's block while working on my projects related to the Mongols myself and maybe I'll be able to actually put out some content with another five weeks to work with, eh? So far Richard LeBlanc of the Save vs Dragon blog and New Big Dragon Games has done more to promote my themed month than I have, and I appreciate it, but I have got to turn this around.

I am currently working on, in no particular order, a Mongol style Steppe Nomad class for my AD&D OA project, which is morphing into a LL AEC project; a new campaign setting that is heavily medieval central Asian/Silk Road/Mongol flavored; a board game set in that campaign world; a short story set there too; and I have an idea for a card game to go with it too, not collectible though, I don't like CCGs. I have been working with a couple of collaborators on these projects and maybe I could use a couple more. Art is especially a problem, I can't keep my wife chained to the drafting table 24/7.

Anyway, the writer's block problem becomes a bigger issue when you see my project list. It's full of great ideas that I just can't seem to articulate properly. I have tried to just push through it by writing about other things, but they come off kind of rambling too. I tried taking breaks from writing and just doing other stuff, like reading other people's blogs, reading books, painting miniatures and I watched every episode of "Sons of Anarchy" in under a week. I tried getting inspired by looking at art with a medieval or fantasy Mongol theme. Nothing seems to work, so I am just going to try and bull my way through the writer's block. I am going to take another run at the easiest project today- the Steppe Nomad class and hammer away at it until it's done. Good, bad or ugly it'll be posted here by tonight.