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Mongol Home

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Contest

In keeping with Mongol Month the theme of the contest is Mongols*- the twist is that the Mongols should be the heroes, not the villains that they are generally portrayed as. This doesn't really preclude there also being Mongol villains, but I'd like to see some Mongol heroes for a change.

The format is short adventure- not necessarily a One-Page Dungeon style format, but it can be, although I'd like to see more "wilderness" type adventures to take advantage of the Mongols horse archery skills; but I am not limiting people to a single page this time around.

This is a real chance for you all to show how much you know about the Mongols (or learn something new) and win some cool prizes for doing something fun!

I definitely intend to compile all of the entries into one file after the contest for ease of download, just an FYI for anyone contributing an adventure, if you are uncomfortable with me redistributing your work please mention that when you send your entry and I'll leave yours out of the compilation, otherwise I will assume that you read this and are OK with my redistribution.

As before, I will send everyone who enters the contest a cool refrigerator magnet. For some of you this will be a second or fifth, but I still have a bunch, so while supplies last they're up for grabs.

As to the other prizes, I haven't decided yet, because I am waiting to hear back from potential sponsors, but if nothing else I'll come up with something good from my own collection probably for the top three this time.

I'd also like to recruit a couple more judges for this time around, last time the contest was really close and I think the points might spread out a little more if the adventures were graded by more people

EDIT- it probably couldn't hurt if I told everybody where to send their submissions, my email address is williamjdowie AT gmail DOT com, sorry about that omission. 

*I suppose I should point out that the "Mongols" should be a D&D facsimile of real world Mongols, based on their culture, with their names and social structure, mythology, etc. This gives a little more room for the fantasy part of fantasy role-playing.