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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Military orders in the kingdom of Ostschild

More from the campaign setting document
Military orders in the kingdom of Ostschild -
Knights of the Grail –
The Knights of the Grail are a Christian order bound by oath to the quest. They do not have preceptories, and hold meetings irregularly. Instead they use their wealth to build and fund traveller's inns, churches, orphanages, leper colonies and hospitals. They are generally found alone or in small groups, they seek out evil and supernatural threats to Christendom. Paladins and Rangers are found in their ranks, along with Clerics and Fighters.
Knights of the Lance –
The Knights of the Lance are an order recruited from among the pious throughout Latin Christendom. Their main preceptory is in Lenz and they owe fealty to the Pope alone. It is said they guard the relic known as the Holy Lance.
Knights of Charlemagne –
The Knights of Charlemagne these days are mainly descendants of the original Frankish knights that settled Ostschild. Their requirements are that a Knight must be of noble birth and Frankish blood. They are the power that props up the throne in Ostschild, but their influence waning and their numbers are dwindling.

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