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Friday, May 11, 2012

Just a Quick Post Today

It is my wife Mona's birthday, so I spent much of my day procuring the ingredients for and preparing the once per year special "Seafood Alfredo Primavera" and other traditional Italian side dishes that go with it. I always find, year after year, that I am not especially interested in eating the food after spending so much time preparing it. I cut back this year too, I usually make a second pasta dish with marinara sauce, Italian sausage and meatballs, but I have gotten sick of eating left-overs from her birthday dinner for a week because I only know how to cook in bulk, as it is I am surprised that the garlic bread was as big a hit this year as it was, no left overs there. I only made one loaf, but usually the kids complain that it's too garlic-ey. My long years toiling as a cook at least make my wife happy one day a year.

Her main present still hasn't arrived from Amazon, my Prime membership means nothing in this case because it was through another seller, so that sucks. But I got some cool stuff in the mail.

I got this Star Wars Gamemaster Kit from Ebay as soon as I realized I'd be running a Star Wars game, I figured it didn't matter that it was for the WEG D6 system rather than the WotC D20 version, it would probably have some good advice.

All of these sets of Clan War Miniatures were just too good a deal for me to pass on.

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