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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Possibly an odd question to ask...

....especially on an old school gaming blog; but one of the things we were talking about at our latest Garnia brainstorming session, and have talked about in the past as well, was the possibility of making the campaign world system neutral and letting people "plug in" what ever system they are most comfortable with. Now I have D&D/AD&D and it's clones/simulacra pretty well in hand. We have a Fudge guy and a Savage Worlds guy, so what I am really looking for is a guy that can spread the audience a but more to the modern gamer- a Pathfinder guy. I guess a GURPS guy couldn't hurt either. Anyone interested in the project should comment either here or go check out my other blog and comment there.



  1. uh, who would be running this game? and that person has the time and brain capacity to maintain a deep understanding of each game systems that players would want to use? god bless that person, because (if they can pull that off) they are light years beyond my capacity as a GM! Please, keep us abreast of how this works out if you move forward with this.

    1. The idea is to eventually present the campaign world to the general public and then let them decide which system they want to use to play the game. I DM either B/X D&D or 1st edition AD&D, I am willing to try out some of these newer systems as a player; but mini-conversion guides are what we are really looking forward to writing up for the rules crunchy bits, kind of like those old Thieves World adventures.

  2. Hey William I love the idea. Rob Conley did a version of this with his Points of Light settings (although the second one Goodman Games switched the terms to match the 4th ed lingo) and his Blackmarsh setting.