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Mongol Home

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just an observation...

...but apparently I need to get sick and NOT post to my blog more often; apparently it piques interest and really drives up traffic to the blog.

In other news- I am slowly recovering from the plague that my children inflicted upon my household, but sadly, now my lovely wife has been afflicted.

The kids are all fine now, although John missed a week of school. They have another two days of regular school left and some days of tests. Ashli graduates next week. Hopefully we'll all be fine by then.

Oh, they had the awards ceremony for seniors too. John and I accompanied Ashli, Mom stayed home because she was far too sick to go and Em stayed behind to help take care of mom (and probably screw around on Facebook or play video games or whatever). I was still pretty sick and it was kind of a blur for me, but I know Ashli got Awards for Honors over all and High Honors in French; she also received 3 scholarships- one from the VFW, and I can't recall the other two.