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Mongol Home

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some More CNY Love

Manowar. Possibly the most D&D metal band of all time. They come from Auburn NY, maybe an hour or so south west of Oswego, where I was born. They used to be, and for all I know maybe still are, the loudest band in the world. I have never seen them in a real concert, but have seen them play local bars a bunch of times because that's what they like to do to "warm-up" for tours. I got a bunch of cool stories about them and hanging out with them from time to time; I even have a semi-familial connection to them since Scott Columbus (RIP), their multiple time drummer was married to my cousins cousin.

Good Manowar videos are remarkably hard to find, you either get someone just posting the audio track with the album cover to Youtube, which gives great audio; or a bootleg video from a concert or club show with suck audio. The possibly official video footage of a Bulgarian concert in 2007 was the best I could do for sound/video quality, but you lose their 1980's awesomness.

Anyway, since I am sick still and can't really form decent posts, I thought I'd just seek out some of what makes my home interesting and share it with the rest of the blogosphere.