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Friday, June 24, 2011

Mail Call 24 JUN 2011

Pics from EBay auctions. This stuff was waiting for me when I returned from the barber shop today.

Ashli will be driven into at least a slight fit of nerd rage by having both Star Wars and Star Trek in the same post. I used to do the same thing to her by putting Star Wars aliens or items into her Star Trek neighborhoods on the Sims 2. Or vice versa, it drives her a little crazy to mix different shows/movies together so every now and again we get a Klingon Jedi or a Twilek in Starfleet.

Prime Directive was a game I was always kind of interested in because I was a Star Fleet Battles player, but never actually got around to buying. The announcement of the new Mongoose Traveller Prime Directive piqued my interest, so I sought out a copy of the original for comparison, because you know, I haven't got anything else I am doing right now.

This I got pretty wicked cheap despite it being a near pristine copy of the first printing. I have a copy of the Saga edition, but never really gave it a go. This is the only D20 edition I ever had any experience with and it didn't really go well. None of us were really familiar with the rules, despite being 3e D&D players at the time. We only had one book for the whole group to use, it just didn't really work out. Still, I have a lot of D20 Star Wars stuff if you count every issue of Star Wars Gamer,and now this and Secrets of Naboo and the Saga edition book. I still think I like D6 better but maybe I'm just being a dick about it. Plus I bought all those Star Wars minis from WotC, I was using them as a lure to get John to game with me; it was semi-successful.