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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mail Call 21 JUN 2011

Secrets of Naboo picture is from Ebay auction, Van Richten's Guide pic is from the internet.

Technically this one didn't come in the mail, but my non-gaming buddy Scott W. and his lady found this one at a yardsale for a buck and thought of me. I am not a big Ravenloft fan, but it's the thought that counts here; they saw a D&D product and thought "Hey, Will would probably like that.", so who am I to discourage such behavior.

This one did come in the mail, slightly mangled on one corner by the US postal service because they apparently hate me. I thought pretty long and hard before I even bothered to bid on this one. It's for D20 Star Wars, which isn't my favorite iteration of the game; plus it focuses completely on Naboo, which feature most prominently in the worst of the prequel trilogy films which are already vastly inferior to the original trilogy. What won me over was the price of $.99 and the fact that I bought every single issue of Star Wars Gamer that was published and I still have them, it might be nice to buy some of the game material the magazine was written to support.