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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Document I wrote up Today...

I wrote this calendar document up today for my players, it's mostly just stuff that's in the 1985 1st edition AD&D Oriental Adventures book, but it's in the DM section, so most players probably should never have seen it. Also noteworthy is that I set the date in my campaign as the 4th day of the month of Yang, in the 5th year of the reign of the Divine Emperor Gonijo. There weren't any days of the week listed as named, so I am going to have to look something suitably Japanese up.

Shou Calendar

Just because keeping track of time in the campaign has become much more necessary, I thought I'd write this document up so everyone could familiarize themselves with the calendar. Ancient Shou philosophers devised this calendar to set down the proper dates for the celebration of festivals, since pretty much all culture in Kara-Tur flows from the Empire of Shou Lung, every nation in Kara-Tur uses this calendar, occasionally with some local modifications. The empire of Kozakura is no different, although they measure years in 60 year cycles instead of centuries and name them by the reigns of their emperors.

The first day of the year falls sometime around our February or March, depending on phases of the moon, however for our game's purposes I am using DM fiat to make it exactly March 1st.

Month # of Days Major Festivals, Feasts, and Holy Days
Tsou 30 New Years Festival, God of Heaven, Feast of Lanterns, God of Spring, God of Wealth, Fertility Festival, God of Happiness, God of Learning.

Ju 30 God of North, Goddess of Mercy.

Yu 30 God of Central Mound, Queen of Heaven, Cherry Blossom Festival.

Kao 30 God of Medicine, God of South.

Kao II 29 God of Thunder, Dragon Boat Festival, God of War.

Chu 30 -------------------------------------

Hsiang 29 God of Fire, Purification Festival.

Chuang 30 Moon Feast Festival, God of Land and Grain, God of Furnace,
Great Sage's Birthday.

Hsuan 30 Wine God, Yang Feast, God of Wealth, Polar Gods.

Yang 29 God of Disease.

Ku 30 -------------------------------------

Tu 29 King's Festival.

The character of the various festivals and religious observances depend upon the practices of the people in a given area, often they are just used as an excuse to have a feast.