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Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Day...

...Another visit to the dentist, fortunately this time just for a teeth cleaning, but it was my first one in decades, since my insurance never covered dental before.

I didn't get a lot of gaming related stuff done today, I have been quite busy with my other, other hobby- The Klingon Assault Group, or KAG. As SCA time slows down KAG time picks up somewhat, although there is some overlap and I do have to prioritize one over the other. If the SCA is kind of like a medieval LARP, KAG is kind of like a Klingon LARP, although neither of them is really a LARP at all, I just figure it's easier to explain to a mostly RPG playing group of readers in those terms. Really KAG is more like a Klingon themed costume party, that's also part improv theater, particularly at conventions and also does some charity work on the side, but it's more than the sum of those parts too. In KAG I am known as Commander Jag sutai-MaHcha' Comanding Officer of IKV Fist of Kahless and Dark Vengeance Quadrant Commander, it's part of KAG's Dark Moon Fleet comprising New York, New Jersey, Pennsyvania, West Virginia and Delaware. For more information on the Klingon Assault Group follow this link to their website. If you are familiar with the FASA Star Trek RPG treatment of Klingons or John M. Ford's Book "The Final Reflection", then KAG's version of the Klingon empire will be somewhat familiar to you. Here's a picture of me in my very first Klingon uniform circa 2002.

It was taken at my buddy Scott's apartment in Brewerton, NY right before we left to dominate some costume contests that Halloween. It's kind of dark and grainy and the flash doesn't do the make up work justice, it really did look pretty damned good.

Here's some Legend of the Five Rings RPG stuff I won on EBay and got in the mail today-

I shamelessly got these for like $2.00 each, some of them are still shrink wrapped.