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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Guy-

My wife Mona stumbled upon this picture on the internet-

I, of course, have threatened to use him as the master of the Black Temple. I won't really, but he is pretty cool, maybe for some post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk setting.

I also informed my regular group that I was changing the way martial arts work, based on this, and switching to Trollsmyth's Death & Dismemberment, they haven't had a chance to get back to me on this yet, but I don't foresee any difficulties. I will most likely be slowly working in Fabian's Kensei & Kitsune work too to playtest, but not until some of the characters actually die.

I also got this in the mail-

Funny story there, I have bought this module now 5 different times. I keep buying new copies on EBay for the province map, so I can have a clean, pristine non-torn and ratty one, and I keep getting copies that DON'T HAVE THE DAMNED PROVINCE MAP in them, even when they say they are complete. The last one I bought was just booklets and maps, no cover. I figured "What the hell? I've already got a bunch of OA1 covers", so I bought it. When it came, no maps, just the booklet with the maps in it, that's what the seller mean't. Finally, this one came complete. I am content.