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Friday, March 13, 2020

A world building questionnaire.

I spotted this on the Facebook Group Dungeons & Dragons B/X(Moldvay/Cook/Marsh), posted by a gentleman named Jarrod Crough. I am posting it here lightly edited and with his permission.

A world building questionnaire.

Are the PC's:

Average people rising up.
Exceptional individuals destined to greatness.
The cream of crop...natural leaders and legends yet unknown.

What is the ratio of normal people to arcane users:

10:1 everyone knows a wizard.
100:1 there are a few in town.
1000:1 there are a few in the country.
10000:1 few and far between.
100000:1 rare and unusual.

How many divine channelers (clerics) are there:

Those who dedicate themselves to the divine reap the rewards.
Only the pure and pious are touched by the divine.
Conduits of the gods are rare and mysterious.
There is no divine, white magic instead. AKA the Final Fantasy route.

The PC races:

A. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling.
B. A plus Gnome, Half Orc.
C. A plus B plus Dragonborn, Tieflings.
D. Anything goes.
E. Just Human. Aka The Conan route.
F. Other:

How does a Wizard learn his craft:

Master and apprentice.
Arcane Schools.
Hard work and experimentation.
Secret societies and covens.

Race as Class or choice:
Race as Class.

How common are Dragons:

Common...seen one fly over head yesterday.
I hear that there is a dragon north of here...couple of weeks travel.
Legends say that Treogg the Red lived in the mountains during my grandfather's years.
You are mistaken, dragons are myths, stories to frighten children.

What is the greatest threat to the civilized peoples:

The hordes of evil humanoids, Orcs, Goblins, and Giants.
The old, evil powers in the beyond.
The foreign power and their foreign ways.
Greed and decadence of the "civilized" people.

Who built these dungeons and ruins, enchanted these items:

The ancient peoples, before the great dark times.
The unknown precursors, be they evil or good.
We are unsure, legends say…

Can you buy magic items:

A. Potions from an alchemist. Scrolls from the scribes. Expensive but needed.
B. A plus enchanters can make some of the weaker items.
C. A plus B plus the great enchanters can make a cost.
D. PC's can make them with the rare materials and time.
E. No you can't.
F. Other:

Honestly I think this is a pretty cool little worksheet, and it asks mostly different stuff then Jeff Rients' did.


  1. Very good. I do this naturally when I build a setting for my OSR campaigns. But a checklist like this would be good.