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Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 18th P Day

I have to tell you all that P day for a Norse oriented blogging month might as well be a break day. Sure I can point out that they were Pagans, but I think I covered that under Heathen, which is a less Latin, more Germanic term meaning the same thing. I could point out that they worshiped a Pantheon of Gods, that they were Polytheistic, like other Pagan peoples, but I think we got that covered too. Probably the most ground breaking news I could mention is that their naming practices were Patronymic, meaning that their names were (usually) derived from adding son or daughter to their father's name to give them a "last name"; but that's a pretty common practice for a lot of European cultures right up into the modern era, and is still pretty common in Iceland.

So I guess I just don't have a lot to give you all for P day, and I have had kind of a suck day anyway. My minivan finally crossed the threshold of more expensive to fix than it was worth. Blown head gasket, 180+ thousand miles on it, it was a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan and it served me well for many years, but now I have to find a new vehicle that will be big enough for me to be comfortable driving (remember I am 6'6"), fit my entire 5 member family and all of our SCA gear, plus, hopefully be fuel efficient AND not cost an arm and a leg.

Since I live on a dirt road in snow country 4-wheel drive would be a plus too, but I won't hold my breath. I am thinking SUV rather than minivan this time around though.