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Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 21st S Day

Just for the record I should have been gaming on Saturday the 21st and wasn't, because my minivan had the temerity to die on me. I not only had a game (Dawn Patrol), but a back-up game (Axis & Allies) if the first fell through, which it actually did. So I spent most of the day sitting around the house, feeling sorry for myself, because I couldn't get my game on and my only means of transportation had died right after I filled the gas tank. To make matters worse, one of my B/X game players also had his truck die this week, so I was probably going to have to cancel my B/X game for today, the 22nd, since I am the ride for yet another of the players. So I took Saturday off from blogging my April A-Z Challenge, because I knew Sunday, today, would be a blog break day anyway, and I was unlikely to get a D&D game in with two or three, maybe four of the players not here.

But then I got a call from my dad, reminding me that since he's been driving me to doctor's appointments and out for groceries this week, that he'd like a little bit of labor service from me and my kids on today, pretty much regardless of what our plans are, so there you have it; I don't even really get the choice to make the call to cancel my B/X game, instead it's slave labor Sunday, despite the fact that I just hooked up his new, giant flat screen TV on Friday. So, now, it's not that late, but I am tired so you are getting an abbreviated S day. Sorry.

S is for Sif, a Goddess of the Aesir, wife of Thor, most well know for having her head shaved by Loki.

S is for Sk√°ld, which is, more or less, the Old Norse word for Bard. The compose and recite poetry and music and are, essentially, oral historians.

S is for Skraeling, an Old Norse word the means something like "Screaming Wretch", in the sense that they are scrawny, weak, or primitive. The word was used to describe both the Eskimos and the Native American Indians that the Norsemen encountered in the Sagas.

S is for Slav, the tribes of Slavic speaking peoples of eastern Europe. So many of them were taken as slaves by the Vikings that the word for slave in many European languages is derived from their tribal name, previously the word for slave was derived from the Latin Servus.

S is for Surt, the bad-ass Fire Giant that Frey gets to fight with an antler, and will pretty much end the nine worlds with fire at Ragnarok.

I'd be remiss not to mention that SUNY Oswego has a gaming convention coming up next weekend too, I have mentioned it sooner, but their stealth scheduling has always made this con sneak up on me.