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Friday, April 20, 2012

April 19th Q Day

You know I am really trying to stick to my Norse theme here, but apparently I didn't consider that certain days are just going to suck for the purposes of A-Z blogging Q is worse than P. Q doesn't exist in Old Norse or even Modern Icelandic, so just what the hell am I supposed to talk about on Q day? I have been wracking my brain for an hour and I have got nothing but Quisling, the Norwegian Nazi collaborator, and that is WAY post Viking age and has nothing to do with either Norse lore or the events and circumstances of my current Viking age D&D campaign.

So, sorry, Q day is a total bust, on the plus side R day should be so totally jam packed I might not be able to fit it all in.

I'll still make sure you get a cool Viking picture for today though.

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