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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another in a line of busy days...

I actually was too busy today to have too much gaming related to report other than what I got in the mail and what have been reading. I am nearly finished with "The Mongoliad", although it is only book one and I have already pre-ordered book two. I have been working a lot behind the scenes on my alt-Rome and Alt-Egypt areas in my Garnia World campaign, with my collaborators. Well, mostly I have been trying to bounce ideas off of them and getting a lot of "Yep, sure, that sounds cool.", when I was hoping for a little more thought provoking discussion. But, it's been mostly via email, so I guess I should have expected less.

I got home too late to take John to his 4th edition game too. He wasn't happy, but he took it well. I am definitely playing something here on Saturday, with whoever shows up, so that'll be good.

Anyway, here's my mail-

My wife insisted on this, and made me buy it on Father's Day. I told her if she's making me buy expensive miniatures from overseas it's put up or shut up time. She paints like a pro when she wants to, it's getting her to do it that's the killer; but she has a soft spot for animals and the cart put it over the top.

These guys I found on EBay, they're from the same line and I am sneaking them into her queue. Dead men are always useful as casualty markers for wargames, and I have several sets of ancients rules; plus they make for good encounter dressing in D&D games. I actually have more from this line yet to come.

This I was informed was worth it for the pictures alone, especially at the scandalously low price I got it for. It has clearly been sitting on a store shelf since it was printed, it's brand new.

This I only include to show my interest in reading actual histories and my studliness as a shopper, brand new $4.00 including shipping.

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