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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heat makes for a short post today

It's in the 90s here again today so my computer sounds like a jet engine. I just wanted to let everyone see what I got in the mail today-

Yes "Tomoe Gozen" FINALLY arrived, if it had made it here two days ago I'd have started reading it instead of "The Mongoliad", not that I am not enjoying my current reading.

I also got these guys-

I like that the package is literally printed 25/28mm Ancients and then hand written in Celts/Germans 10.00; like the people at Navigator Miniatures couldn't quite decide. The scale is definitely 28mm, but true 28mm, not "heroic"; and a good look at them makes me think way more Celt than German, maybe I'll make them Belgae. Caesar described them as both Celt, well Gaulish actually, and German.

I am also thinking about listing some of my old school stuff that I have doubles of on EBay, all of it is used, mostly in fairly good to pretty darned good condition for it's age. Do you all think it'll be worth my effort, or is it just collectors who want pristine stuff when it comes to modules and supplements and such?

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  1. That's a flash back, it's been years since I've read Tomoe Gozen!