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Friday, June 29, 2012

Heroes and other stuff too

I got an email this morning from Dave Millward, the designer of the original Heroes RPG, which is something of a Holy Grail for old school collectors and any old school gamer should just want to check it out. Anyway, I digress, I got this email from him because I was one of the people that tracked him down and begged/badgered him into doing a reprint, or a print on demand, or just photocopying his set for me to see, or something. He decided that wasn't good enough and was pretty happy that his low print run game from 1978 was so fondly remembered, so he is doing a new-ish version with an increased page count, and more, and expanded tables. Some rewritten. Heres a link to the new website for a truly old school game, support it and he promises expansions; and a picture of the pretty new cover for the new book- slated for a September release.

I also got this miniature in the mail yesterday, but was busy and didn't get a chance to blog. I didn't have much else to say anyway, so it would have just been a boring EBay picture of a miniature still in it's packaging. I wanted to check out the Celtos line, I had bid on a bunch of them, but got sniped at the end and only got the one guy. Which made him pricey (for me) because of shipping, I rarely buy just one miniature because of my frugal nature. I did win three others from a different seller, but they haven't even shipped yet.

Lastly, my Emerald Empire character, Akodo Kotaro made level 210. I am not really sure why the game is still running when Facebook told us they would shut down the app in early June, but I have played the hell out of it trying to complete old story lines and make levels, just to see how tough I can get before the game is gone.