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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Don't Know if it's the Bad Back or Father's Day

I found a pretty cool looking 28mm horse and cart while I was checking stuff out on EBay yesterday, propped in front of my computer. I took a screen shot and sent it to Mona, because that's the sort of miniature she likes, and she said via an email from the other room, and I quote "on the subject of the Celtic cart....yes. I must possess the tiny cart. All are powerless in the presence of its tiny charm."; I quickly sent her an email back that it was nice and all, but it was a British import, and it was still made from metal, so it was too pricey for my cheap-ass bargain hunting ways. She insisted that I find the tiny Celtic cart and purchase it as cheaply as possible, but NOW. As it turned out as cheap as possible was on the Warlord Games website, where they offered a suspiciously low rate of shipping to the US, but had a minimum order of $15.00. So I dug around on the Celts section of the site and added the cheapest stuff I could find to my cart, then proceeded to check out to see if it was true; by now my wife was sitting next to me waiting in anticipation. As it turned out, it was true, so then she told me to go ahead and complete that transaction, because she liked the miniatures I had picked out AND then go back in and order her the Celtic Cart. Yes, my normally frugal wife, who is always suspicious when I get large packages full of miniatures here, where usually I paid more for the shipping than the miniatures themselves ORDERED me to buy over $40.00 worth of brand new miniatures. Here's a picture of the Horse and Cart, I'll save the others as a surprise for when they arrive.

I also found a picture of a pizza that looks like the Necronomicon from the Evil Dead movies.

That's all for today, bad back or no, I still have to go see my dad today.

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