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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Forcibly being drawn back on task

I have several projects running at any given time, any regular reader of my blog knows that by now. I think it's obvious from my reading list lately that I have been mostly working on my Oriental Adventures project, but also my Garnia World project has taken a lot of my time too. You can read about Garnia World on my "Other Blog" to the right; it actually incorporates the Oriental Adventures thing too.

A week or so ago I found a couple of really excellent deals on EBay. Most of that stuff came in the mail today.

This is a Bushido Clan Warband for the Hundred Kingdoms miniature battle game from Black Orc Games. Bad paint job, and two of them are mounted on flying bases for a more Wuxia feel, but they didn't alter the models in any way to make them look right or balance. I can fix all this though.

Yes, I bought another cheap copy of the 1st edition Legend of the Five Rings RPG rules. I read a recent comparison review that said it was better than the 2nd edition and I have tons of stuff for the 1st edition.

I also got these two modules, one came the other day, but I think I forgot to post it's picture. Now I have that entire series, I am destined to GM it.

The first six Archers.

The other six Archers.

The first six Infantry.

The other six Infantry.

These were the real deal though- an entire, small Crab army and the paint jobs and basing are pretty damned sweet. Two of the heroes are unfinished, but the entire bunch only cost me $26.00+ 6.25 shipping.

Now I have been looking into converting the L5R RPG roll and keep system for at least the OA section of my Garnia world, it seems so simple and I hear it is the only game system in the world that satisfies both Hack and Slashers AND real hard core Role Players; like the kids in the theater department at SUNY Oswego. I might be able to draw them away from White Wolf.

So anyway, here I was spending the last day or two looking into finishing/remaking a Jacobite rebellion miniature battles game that I started work on when I was in high school, then this flood of Asian themed RPG and wargame material hits me from the mailbox.

I finished "Lords of Grass and Thunder", and found it to be rather good. Each of the books set in that fantasy Asia of Curt Benjamin wrote seem to get better, and it left obvious loose ends for a sequel, but it was published in 2005, so I am not going to hold my breath.

I started "The Mongoliad". Good so far.

Oh yeah, this came in the mail the other day too. I don't know how I forgot to mention it.


  1. What a haul! I should really share the stuff I did for my Lab Lord OA conversion. In fact, I'll get onto it now.

  2. William, does the Five Rings list David Williams as one of the developers? He was on the team that developed that title as a Magic type card game. He's an old family friend.

    1. Yes, in fact he is listed multiple times in the credits for the book. Rules System (with John Wick), Layout Design,(with two others), and Additional Writing (with seven others). He is also the first person whose specific contributions are listed after the "Special Thanks" section. He "Wrote or helped write the rules, examples, the Battle System, spells Advantages and Disadvantages, a lot of the Fire and Air chapters, and made sure everything worked." Actually, given all of that, I don't know why the book has on John Wick's name on the spine.