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Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Orc Games

I just want to give a shout out here to Black Orc Games ( ), makers of Hundred Kingdoms and Warband and a lot of really nice minis. I have made 2 orders with them in the past month and their minis are both of excellent quality and relatively inexpensive. Additionally, both orders have included 1 extra mini for free and my invoice had a hand written note of thanks on it. I haven't got any of the minis painted yet, but the first bunch is primed and they look great. I got their Warband starter set and it comes with the rules, paints, brushes, a cloth tape measure, 2 20-sided dice and 2 warbands (totaling 10 minis) currently on sale for $15.00.

I initially found them while I was searching for new Samurai minis for my OA game, but they have a pretty varied line of figures that could be used for a bunch of different games. Their Panthera tribe make pretty cool Rakasta, their Avalon make for good standard D&D minis. They have modern zombies, D&D style dwarves, Samurai and tons of other stuff. I could keep going on and on, but this isn't meant to be an advertisement or to replace their catalog, I just wanted to publicly state my appreciation for their company. I haven't dealt with a company like this in a while, it's nice to be appreciated as a customer and not just a revenue stream.

Oh, I don't work for them and they are not relatives or anything. I am not pimping their goods just trying to raise their profile a little. I think their catalog can speak for itself if people get there and see it.