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Mongol Home

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a difference a day makes.

My R&R/OA campaign got canceled today because my wife's parents, nephew and aunt came to visit. Victor still came over because apparently Ashli forgot to call him (or just wanted to see him) so, of course, we talked about D&D for a while (and SCA heavy weapons fighting- I gave him a helmet) during which time he stated that he'd rather just start a "regular" D&D campaign next time. Maybe he reads this blog? I don't know. Ashli had been talking for days about how she wanted to go back to playing Ruby, her Hobbit thief with the speech impediment and mushroom habit.

So it seems that we will be returning to Garnia post-apocalypse after all. I have some new ideas for that setting anyway. Poor Garnia. I have collapsed that civilization so many times before; civil wars and break-away kingdoms, the necromancer war, various barbarian invasions installing new dynasties in old established kingdoms, the troll war, the great orc war the war of the twelve. That's just the core human kingdoms too; the elves have their cataclysms culminating in the absolute annihilation of their civilization with the rise of man. The dwarves have their slow decline to collapse following the troll war. The hobbits with their lost origin and lost homelands. So many memories.

Now it begins again.