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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clan Wars

I got a bunch of new minis in the mail today. Most of them were WotC D&D minis I got real cheap on Ebay. I also got a pretty large lot of Clan War minis for a song. I bought them for a couple of reasons.

First, I wanted to use them for my R&R/OA campaign that I will eventually play again. Clan War minis seem like about the only available option for finding specifically Asian/Japanese inspired monsters and supernatural creatures, so I kind of keep my eyes open for deals on them. Are there any other companies that maybe have current lines suitable for my OA campaign? I know TSR never really supported OA with official minis and WotC's support has been anemic at best since they released OA for 3.0.

Second, my wife is a really good miniature painter and I thought I might be able to sell them at a profit on Ebay at some point. I actually already have a large number of Katana wielders prepped for her to paint for just that reason, although I may snag a few for my own collection. I am curious though whether or not anyone still plays Clan Wars or if they'll just be useful as 28mm Samurai units for a historical miniature battle game?