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Mongol Home

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday AAR 01-17-11

The party received the addition of Lee Ann's half-orc fighter Eema this Sunday and the added firepower really showed in the combats. The party woke up in the Hobgoblin leader's room with the door spiked shut courtesy of Lorenzo with Eema already there, hand waved into the party just because it was easier for me. Maybe we'll work out an explanation later. Sister Brangwen healed everyone back to full hit points and regained her spells without incident, then the party set forth into the unknown areas of level 1 of Dyson's Delve. They chose to finish exploring the man-made areas first and Eema caused them to get into a fight with some skeletons with her impulsiveness. Sister Brangwen turned three of them and the party fought the others pretty easily, too easily since I somehow forgot to place three of them on the map despite them being clearly keyed in the encounter.

They continued exploring and opening sarcophagi for a bit, then got a wandering monster encounter with a small goblin patrol. The goblins quite foolishly attacked, despite being outnumbered, because of their hatred of elves. They didn't last long. Next the party ran into another goblin patrol, this one a programmed encounter- the goblin rat-catchers. The party gained surprise against them and charged into battle. The goblin's ferret lasted longest, into the third round, and Eema was quite seroiusly injured by this point. Sister Brangwen cast her one and only cure light wounds spell. I don't let clerics take multiple instances of spells, I feel it makes them less combat medics and more adventuring spell casting holy warriors.

Having explored the entirety of the man-made part of level one, they then back-tracked to the natural cave entrance in the south wall of the main east-west corridor. They explored and found the way down to level two, fought the giant rats and then used the exit to leave and go set up a secure base camp in the ruined temple, mostly because Victor had to leave.

All in all, I think the party worked well together and the role-playing was fun. The only down-side of the day was that we didn't actually get a whole lot of playing time in because Lee can only make it after about 1:30PM and Victor has to leave by about 5:00PM and we waited while Mona made lunch after Lee got here. It was a good lunch, and it gave us some time to talk SCA for a while, but I have got to find a time better suited to giving us more game time. Maybe Saturday would work?