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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Campaign?

Is there a new campaign beginning here? No, not yet anyway. I know the announcement that I had an Obsidian Portal account and was starting to put up my Garnia stuff was a tad confusing to some people, but I am still trying to run my Ruins and Ronin/AD&D Oriental Adventures hybrid campaign. I only started putting up Garnia stuff there because I wanted to see how everything worked there and Garnia is dead easy for me to write about; it's been kicking around in my noggin for nigh on to 30 years.

Holy cow that makes me feel old, but I just date checked myself and my earliest Garnia stuff is from right around 1980 (unless my memory is failing). I started the whole thing off as a vanity homage to one of my own characters- Garn the great. I played him in Chris G.'s super monty haul get rich and godly-powerful or die campaign through the spring/summer of 1980 I am pretty sure. By fall that campaign was over, and I was soon playing in Tim M.'s much better (and much longer running) D&D campaign. However, I was already designing my own world, centered on that mysterious castle (that I had designed for my character Garn!) and with Garn as chief deity of his own pantheon. That said, I probably didn't run any games in that setting until maybe as late as '85 or '86 using instead the world of Greyhawk or D&D's Known World. I know Darryl started doing cartography and helping me to write a world history when we were in 8th grade which would have been the '82-83 school year, so I was most likely running it with that group of gamers back then on a limited basis.

Anyway, my point was, R&R/OA will still be played tomorrow and, unless there is another TPK, the following Sunday and all of the for the foreseeable future. We all really wanted to try OA again and I was in the right frame of mind to do it, kami willing everything will work out fine :)