Great Khan Enthroned

Great Khan Enthroned

Friday, January 28, 2011

Legend of the Five Rings

Legend of the five rings RPG. Anyone ever play it? My only knowledge of it is peripheral, I know it is set in the same world as the CCG of the same name and I loathe CCGs. I am also aware that it shares a common world with the Clan War miniature battle game, which I have never played but have bought a number of minis for and I am looking forward to maybe playing if I can find nearby opponents. I have the rule book headed my way from a recent Ebay purchase anyway. The RPG intrigued me because I have always liked Samurai related RPGs; though, except for Oriental Adventures, I have never had a chance to play any. I blame seeing the TV miniseries Shogun as a youth, roughly coinciding with me starting to play D&D.

Now I have to admit I have held what I can only describe as a hateful grudge against the L5R RPG because of the inclusion of Rokugan as the default setting for OA 3.0. I was a big fan of Kara-Tur and the 1st edition OA, 3.0's version was like a slap in the face to loyal OA fans. They altered everything to make it more compatible with L5R's Rokugan, gone were the classes I expected. I also wasn't particularly thrilled with the decision to make the katana just a masterwork bastard sword. That smacked of design laziness to me.

So, while I had been intrigued by the L5R RPG before OA 3.0 came out, I refused to check it out for quite a while. In fact I still haven't really. I have heard though that L5R fans were annoyed with the D20 treatment of their system too, and they made a ton of WotC licensed OA/L5R books that maybe fixed the issues with OA being squeezed into Rokugan but I am certain didn't fix the problem of Rokugan being squeezed into OA.

Opinions on Rokugan and L5R?