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Mongol Home

Thursday, January 5, 2012

300 posts!

Yesterday, in addition to being my Blog's birthday, was apparently my 300th post!

Also, apparently Jeff Rients feels the same way I do about demi-human level limits, although you can tell he doesn't follow my blog because he only credits Timrod from Unfrozen Caveman Dice-Chucker as feeling the same way.

Now back to our regularly scheduled business...


  1. Congratulations on 300 posts!

  2. Holy crap on a cracker. The Big 300.

  3. Congratulations on 300 posts, I see looking over your blog we share a few interests! I was
    active in the SCA and KSF (Kerlof KorVok)
    got out of both due to real life etc etc. I also
    am an old (some might say very old)hand at D&D,
    old Chainmail, WRG rules, Starfleet Battles, Fasa Star Trek and a host of others too numerous to list!